Belmonte In Rete 

made in Calabria


Belmonte in Rete is a social initiative emerging from the community of Belmonte Calabro (Italy). Its mission is to foster sustainable development in that village.

In our vision, the human being is the main element of the urban ecosystem, therefore, the fulcrum of social, technological, and economic development strategies, in opposition to the capitalist and mechanistic model that identifies persons as just passive users and consumers.

We see the citizen as an active agent, a creator of processes, physical, and digital places, and networks. The only one who is capable of fostering the transition from a development model based on pure economic growth toward one based on sustainability. The ambition is to build an urban organism more adaptive to local conditions, thus able to achieve more resilient performance and better life prospects for its inhabitants.

This vision, we believe, can be put into practice through an incremental and participatory development way, in continuity with the tradition of the Mediterranean cultures.

We imagine Belmonte as a modern and innovative community, interpreter of his tradition and based on principles of subsidiarity, mutuality, peer-to-peer, sharing economy, and democracy.

Belmonte In Rete was born with the first goal of building a shared Vision of Belmonte Calabro that images the town over the next 20 years; capable of inspiring all its inhabitants and all those who want to contribute to the development of Belmonte.

Valentino Canturi​

Guglielmo Minervino


Founder and representative of  Belmonte In Rete. He holds a Ms in civil engineering from the University of Calabria, specialised in urban regeneration. Experiences of collective intelligence, collaborative planning, and community engagement. Member of Pensando Meridiano association. Entrepreneur in the food service industry.

PhD student in "urban regeneration and economic development", he studied in Rome, Glasgow, Boston, and Reggio Calabria. Experience and interest in bottom-up urban regeneration processes, strategic planning, self-construction and historical centers. Member of the Pensando Meridiano association, the International Society Biourbanism (ISB), and International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism (INTBAU)